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Modeling and Simulation Software

ModelSmart3D 3D Design and Testing of Balsa & Basswood Bridges & Towers

ModelSmart  2D Design and Testing of Balsa & Basswood Bridges & Towers

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Bridge Builder

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 Warnings & Limitations

Teacher Resources

Calculating Angles Associated with Skewed Columns

Using a Unit Vector to find Coordinates Along a Skewed Column

Engineering Timeline

The PESC Reading List

A Comparison of Two Bridges

A Bridge Building Project

Newton's Laws

Example Bridge Trusses

More Bridge Trusses

Bridge Photographs

Tower Photographs

Engineering Terms

Scalars and Vectors

Providing Lateral Support

Truss Analysis by "The Method of Sections"

A Question to Ponder

Using a Test Load to Calculate a Probable Failure Load

A Construction Crane

Scotland's Firth of Forth

Boomilever Statics

Prefab Timber Roof Trusses - Tension connections  


Your software is simply incredible, very nice work.  A basic design is very easy to modify and we can try new designs every few minutes.

I should tell my colleagues about the software but I like having this advantage. Sorry.

Thank you very much. My students thank you too. This is one of their favorite activities...  I love it.

As always the customer service at pre-engineering is hard to beat! Congratulations - the material presented is excellent and has provided me with a whole host of new ideas to present to my students. Please keep me informed of any new teaching products.

Last Fall I purchased a copy of your ModelSmart software. Using the software they were able to significantly reduce the number of test models they built before arriving at their final design...  Out of a field of 23 teams, my son and his partner won the gold medal for bridge.  Thanks for such a great product.

Our time has come. My son, daughter, and Model Smart took first place for the state.... We will be heading for the national competition. Persistence and the right tools will create results. Thanks!!

Thank you very much for all of your help. The information regarding the Tx and Rx restraints is priceless. Thank you for taking the time to make the model and then to lead me through it. There are not that many companies in the world that offer that type of customer service. Thank you again!!!!

I have had great success with the program and recommend it to others. I will continue using it in the future.

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