User Resources - Printing Example


ModelSmart3D prints all members within 1/2" of the GuidePlane.

For example - Let's print a pattern for the main truss in the example.3dd file found in the ModelSmart3D library folder.


Step #1

Position the XY GuidePlane to go through a joint in the front most truss.

(Select "Guides|XY GuidePlane|Move Plane to Joint". Then click the joint.)


Step #2 

Select "Files|XY Plane Tiles | Show Tiles"

(You can move the tiles if you wish, by selecting "Files|XY Plane Tiles | Move Tiles" from the menu, then using the mouse to locate the lower left corner of the tile set)


Step #3

To print, select "Files|Print XY Plane"



(If you want to use Landscape orientation, start by selecting "Files|Tile Orientation|Landscape" from the menu, then select "Files|XY Plane Tiles | Show Tiles".)